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The school's Covid Containment Response and Control Plan was updated on August 17th.

To report a case, or if you have questions, email

HEALTH & SAFETY | Additional Resources

Additional information for COVID-19 can be found at Centers for Disease Control (CDC), City of Los Angeles COVID-19 Information, and the County of Los Angeles COVID-19 Information. Their websites are updated very frequently as experts learn more about the COVID-19 and its progression, and these agencies offer many additional resources for keeping your family safe during this unprecedented time.

Additional Information
Given the high case rate in LA County and our robust testing protocol which requires a negative test before a student may participate in on campus learning, and ongoing weekly testing for all students, and employees, the school does not currently have a travel quarantine. You will be updated should this policy change. Risk of exposure in California, and particularly in LA County itself remain significant. Please be mindful of choices to eat inside restaurants and be mindful of physical distancing and masking, whether in Los Angeles County or other locations. Consistent with Health Department requirements, families and employees who are not fully vaccinated must continue to quarantine any time they have an exposure to a person who is known or suspected to have Covid. In addition, all individuals are required to stay home and isolate if experiencing any of the Covid symptoms.