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A Message From the Assistant Head of School

Welcome to St. James’, a child-centered, community-oriented Episcopal School! We strive daily to set high expectations in the areas of human compassion, service to others, and academic achievement combined with skillful scaffolding and maximum support to meet each student’s needs. We act always in accordance with our School’s Mission:  

“St. James' Episcopal School is a diverse, joyful, and inclusive community of learners. With a focus on academic excellence and attention to the needs of each child, we strive to instill in our students intellectual curiosity, compassion for others, and respect for all of God’s creation.”

Our diverse faculty is comprised of highly trained, dedicated professionals, men and women of character, who understand the impact those of us in this profession have on the lives of the children we teach.

The primary grades (K - 2) encourage curiosity and hands-on learning experiences appropriate to our young concrete operational thinkers, using a variety of teaching methodologies to ensure that students acquire the necessary critical thinking skills and the fundamental concepts needed to succeed academically.  Teachers employ developmentally appropriate strategies as they involve students in innovative, interactive lessons and cooperative learning opportunities in all subject areas.

The intermediate grades (3 - 6) rely on a broad spectrum of instructional strategies to support the increasingly rich and engaging middle grades curricula. The strength of the program is its flexibility to explore and utilize the power of our grade level academic teams to promote collaborative problem solving and authentic learning experiences. Without sacrificing either joy or enthusiasm, teachers at these grade levels also inculcate study skills and organizational techniques. Intermediate grades’ curriculum builds upon the fundamental skills learned in the early elementary years in math and reading and proceeds to move the students to a more mature understanding of concepts, content, processes and critical thinking skills.

Complementing the core curriculum, St. James’ students receive exploratory instruction in the areas of Science, Visual Arts, Spanish, Music, Physical Education, Religion, Library, and Technology. These co-curricular disciplines complement the work of the core teachers to ensure our students become creative, compassionate, enthusiastic learners and principled individuals… ideal attributes for the leaders of tomorrow.