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Since 1998, St. James' has provided a safe and stimulating preschool environment for young children to learn through play.

Our approach to early education is based on the fundamental principles of healthy social, emotional, and intellectual development of children.

We honor each child's unique individuality and help to foster a strong sense of self through an inventive curriculum. This curriculum is designed to encourage children to become active, engaged, and interested in all of their activities. Our highly qualified staff provides a safe and stimulating environment in which each child's voice is heard and respected.

Our teachers skillfully select instructional strategies through which they can be fully present to, mindful of, and intentionally grounded with their students. The teachers actively engage with students, providing secure mutual attachment bonds and nurturing strong feelings of belonging to the group. In addition, they foster the children's ability to self-regulate by following reassuring routines and procedural practices that build patience, mutual respect, and cooperation. Moreover, at St. James' the children learn to thrive in a community that enables them to establish a strong and secure sense of self-identity.

Preschool hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, excluding holidays and breaks. There is before and after care included for working parents, starting at 8:15 a.m. and extending until 5:15 p.m.

Preschool Philosophy


We believe that preschool is where children form their first impressions of the world around them. It is in our playgrounds and classrooms where our attitudes toward conflict resolution, community, and a sense of our place in society are primarily developed.

We believe these first impressions are lasting, and therefore vital to the moral and social integrity of each child. Each moment has the potential for human growth and character development, and we understand the importance of our role in this stage of your child's life.

Play is an essential skill for children to learn. Through the activity of playing, children explore their world, find out how to get along with others, test their skills and muscles, explore new ideas, and build confidence and self-esteem. Curiosity, self-esteem, language, problem-solving, mathematics, cooperation, and endurance are just a few of the many benefits of learning through play. The activity of playing is an integral part of learning at this stage of development and is an invaluable tool to prepare children for the future.

Understanding and respecting children's individual styles helps teachers create a more nurturing and caring atmosphere. Our teachers use an inquiry-based approach through which the children engage in educational and fun-filled experiences that promote each child's uniqueness as an individual. It is that quality of loving, family-like interaction between adults and children and among the students themselves that best captures the spirit of our Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness programs.

Preschool Curriculum


We believe that a sound preschool curriculum includes empowering young children to feel good about themselves, think for themselves, have integrity and a sense of their own imaginative power.

Our age-appropriate activities are designed for children to be initiators and for teachers to support them in a process where learning is fun without rigidly defined limits. Early literacy, math awareness, science, block building, cooking, dramatic play, social studies through an anti-bias curriculum, moral education, art, music, and yoga are all incorporated in the everyday life of the preschool so that each child will be ready for the inevitable transition to kindergarten. Because each child is an individual with different needs and is unique in his own way, our curriculum is thoughtfully planned, challenging, engaging, developmentally appropriate, culturally and linguistically responsive, comprehensive, and designed to promote positive outcomes for all children.

Our classroom environment actively encourages kindness, compassion, racial and cultural diversity and creates a community of learners with academic potential.

Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum


Our Kindergarten Readiness program is a special bridge between preschool and Kindergarten classes. Our teachers provide a strong academic introduction to language arts, science, mathematics, and social studies. The program also serves as a vehicle for the emergent development of our St. James' Core Beliefs and the sturdy morals and values we cherish like kindness, conflict-resolution, empathy, and respect.

Our goal is to provide students with intriguing academic experiences in the Kindergarten Readiness classes that will spark their imaginations and prepare them for a lifetime of learning. Our program is therefore limited to an intimate group of 15 students who work daily with two lead teachers. These two teachers – with, at a minimum, B.A. degrees in child development or a related field and experience in an early childhood education setting – guide the children's learning in their well-appointed classroom. Our program is predicated on educational research from the most trusted educational consultants and prestigious universities. The Kindergarten Readiness curriculum is based on knowledge of neuroscience and current brain research and their practical applications in the early childhood classroom.