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Student Leadership Program

At St. James’, students get a head start on honing leadership skills. Students are guided and then guide themselves, in taking on real-world challenges, bringing a developed sense of purpose and conscientiousness to their work.

DSC01538-XL.jpgThe St. James' Student Leadership Program is designed to develop innovative leaders of the future. Open to elementary students in 4th-6th Grades, the leadership program gives children opportunities to lead school and community service projects. Along the way, student leaders develop critical thinking skills, use real-world problem-solving strategies, partake in public speaking opportunities, and become familiar with new technologies.

Student leaders participate in team-building activities and leadership-skills workshops, covering topics such as public speaking, entrepreneurship, and conflict resolution. Based on needs in the community that student leaders identify and research, the children create and implement a student-led service project. At the end of the year, student leaders reflect on their hard work and gear up for the Leadership Showcase.