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Spanish language classes at St. James’ prepare students to interact with each other and the world comfortably in Spanish. Students benefit from thoughtfully sequenced curriculum in all grades, as well as exposure to entertainment, arts, and activities from Spanish-speaking countries and cultures.

The language program at St. James’ aims to develop proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. Working to understand another language enhances children’s intercultural awareness and linguistic skills, and learning Spanish in particular provides a pathway to understanding the Spanish-speaking cultures that are part and parcel of Californian history and society. In our immersive Spanish classes, students work toward fluency by speaking in Spanish as much as possible, and a broad range of fun and interactive activities allows them to apply new vocabulary words and linguistic concepts to their personal lives and interests.

By Grade Level


Kindergarteners begin their study of Spanish with introductions and greetings. The curriculum then covers words for colors, classroom objects, and the numbers one through 10, as well as useful vocabulary related to family, community, food, holidays, and the body.

1st Grade

1st-graders acquire a range of useful basic Spanish vocabulary and expressions. They learn the Spanish alphabet and converse with each other and the teacher using introductions and greetings. Vocabulary categories include the calendar, parts of the body, clothing, common objects, and animals.

2nd Grade

2nd-graders continue learning conversational Spanish and practical, everyday vocabulary. They also study action verbs, adjectives, commands, and new vocabulary relating to food, households, and community.

3rd Grade

3rd-graders expand on previous studies by learning new topics in grammar, particularly the rules of gendered nouns and singular versus plural forms.

4th Grade

4th-graders add new words to their vocabulary in subject areas like numbers, common objects, clothing, and holidays. They also study additional forms of grammar, such as plural nouns, adjectives and adjectival forms, and possessives.


5th & 6th Grades

Working with a combination of print and online materials, 5th- and 6th-graders delve into more advanced vocabulary and grammar concepts. The themes of introductions, classroom and school interactions, family, and pastimes inform their advanced study of Spanish language.