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Tuition Assistance Policies & Guidelines

Each family must apply for Tuition Assistance each year; it is not automatically renewable.

All custodial and non-custodial parents must complete a FAST application.

All parents must furnish FAST with a copy of their current tax return with all accompanying schedules and forms.

St. James' reserves the right to request additional financial information, such as balance sheets, cash flow statements, and documentation around parent-owned businesses or investment real estate.

St. James' will not consider recurring business losses or depreciation in calculating financial need.

Parents who do not work are assigned an annual income of $25,000 for the purposes of award determination.

Resources of a stepparent will be considered in making an award determination. If a couple is living together but not married, financial information will be required from both parties. The Tuition Assistance Committee will take unique or unusual circumstances into account.

Financial information from the non-custodial parent will be required. The school reserves the right to request copies of divorce decrees, court orders, and statements from disinterested parties to verify custody arrangements.

The school may, at the discretion of the Tuition Assistance Committee, provide Tuition Assistance on a temporary basis if a family experiences a temporary change in its financial situation.

Families should submit required forms and tax returns to FAST by the posted deadline; otherwise, the request for Tuition Assistance may not be processed.

The school reserves the right to withdraw Tuition Assistance awards at any time during the school year if discrepancies are found in the information provided.