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Art & Theatre

Visual Arts

St. James' provides daily instruction in Visual Arts for all students, beginning in the youngest grades as it is an essential and natural part of the human experience, and that all children have a natural curiosity and instinct for creative expression. Art is an experience to be lived and shared. The children at St. James' "make art" rather than "do projects," and the process of using art materials and creative self-expression is the focus of the Art Program.

From self portraits to exploration of artists and related time periods, our Art Program is an academic area of the student-learning experience. A large, light-filled art studio provides the appropriate backdrop for students to hone their craft and experience what "being an artist" feels like. 
Through exploration of different mediums, including drawing, water color, oil painting and ceramics, children are able to gain confidence in their craft and explore their individuality. Annual Art Shows allow the students to display their art for others, learn the basics of curating an art exhibit and participate in a community-wide event. 

Additional instruction in Art is available as a Beyond School class for those students who wish to further develop their skills. 

Theatre - St. James' Performing Arts Program

St. James' has always had a thriving performing arts program. Performing at talent shows and sharing talents with fellow students and the larger community is a mainstay at St. James'. 
Annually, the school engages with an outside resource to put on a theatrical performance for the community. Most recently our elementary students participated in a performance of The Lion King. From auditioning to rehearsals to costume and stage work, our students are able to develop a strong foundation of professional performance at a young age.