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Art & Theatre

Visual Arts

Introducing a diverse range of historical and contemporary artists from cultures around the world provides inspiration and a solid foundation onto which students can construct a visual vocabulary from their individual perspective. Through activities, exercises, and projects in a wide range of two- and three-dimensional media, St. James’ student artists learn and apply their understanding of art elements and design principles. Development of critical thinking and creative problem solving skills is highly valued. Connections are drawn to other areas of learning to complement student discovery and broaden an understanding of the pivotal and integrated role visual literacy plays in the 21st century.

We foster and celebrate the imagination of young artists engaging the creative process by ensuring a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment. Each year, St. James’ artists continue to build upon their knowledge and acquire new skills and techniques allowing them to express their ideas and observations with greater refinement.

Together we cultivate respect for each other and our diverse community. We appreciate the wonderment emanating from the artwork we create and the world we share.

Theatre - St. James' Performing Arts Program

St. James' has always had a thriving performing arts program. Performing at talent shows and sharing talents with fellow students and the larger community is a mainstay at St. James'. Annually, the school engages with an outside resource to put on a theatrical performance for the community. Most recently our elementary students participated in a performance of The Wiz and Cats. From auditioning to rehearsals to costume and stage work, our students are able to develop a strong foundation of professional performance at a young age.