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After School Enrichment Program & Athletics

After School Enrichment Classes

All ASE classes meet from 3:30-4:30pm and are 7 weeks long. All courses will be taught via Zoom.

ASE Registration Guidelines and Tips:

  1. Number of classes: Sign up for as many courses as you would like.

  2. Music Schedule Conflicts (Grades 2-6): Please check with our Music Department for potential schedule conflicts.

  3. Multiple Students: If you have multiple students, please log in separately for each student.


Participating in after-school athletics is a wonderful way for students to stay active while having fun and making lasting friendships. Under the guidance of caring and qualified coaches, students form positive habits of mind and body that endure both on and off the playing field.

St. James’ has partnered with JMG SportsWise to bring top-notch after-school athletic programs to our elementary campus. Students in Kindergarten - 6th Grade have the unique opportunity to participate in interscholastic soccer, basketball, and volleyball competition, for which they prepare via varied exercise and team-building activities. These after-school sports programs allow elementary students to further develop the physical, intellectual, mental, and social skills that they learn in their classrooms. JMG SportsWise makes these active-learning opportunities possible by employing professional, semi-professional, collegiate, and international coaches with experience and expertise in both athletics and early-childhood education.

St. James’ after-school athletic programs provide a supportive learning environment in which children not only develop motor skills and coordination but also learn the importance of honesty, teamwork, and fair play. By participating in our after-school athletic programs, children internalize the value of sportsmanship – learning to win and lose with grace.