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Beyond School

Virtual Beyond School Spring 2021 Courses

Round 1 is one sign-up per student
Exception: 5th graders may sign up for the ISEE classes and a regular Beyond School class as well. So a 5th grader can potentially sign up for 3 classes in Round 1: a regular class, Test Prep/ISEE Math, and Test Prep/ISEE Language arts. 

Round 1 registration is now open and close at noon on Monday, April 19th. Round 2 sign-ups will open at noon on Tuesday, April 20th. Your child(ren) may register for one additional course if they are available. 

Classes are $20 each.
Classes begin the week of April 26th.

Beyond School Form

In January 2019, Head of School Peter Reinke introduced a one-of-the-kind, tuition inclusive program. The Beyond School! program, was gradually rolled out in spring 2019 and was fully established in fall 2019. 
Beyond School! is an afternoon program that provides students the opportunities to accrue more math and science skills, become versatile in written and verbal communication, hone, expand and foster their imaginations through visual and performing arts offerings and reflect and dialogue on what it means to be a global citizen in 2020 and beyond, through exposure to a variety of world languages and through building and writing for a school newspaper.

This tuition-inclusive program is fully staffed by our teachers, as well as outside educators who specialize in these fields of study. 
Beyond School! will continue to provide unique opportunities to St. James’ students allowing them to continue their academic fortitude in the classroom and beyond. 
Beyond School Registration
Guidelines and Tips
  1. Non-refundable Registration Fee: Registration fees are non-refundable. Exception: when the school cancels a class for any reason
  2. One registration form per class: For each class, use a separate registration form. You will receive an email confirmation for each class

  3. Round 1 Registration: For the first round of registration, each student may only be registered for ONE Beyond School class.

  4. Round 1 Exceptions: 5th grade students can sign up for the ISEE test prep courses, in addition to one additional Beyond School class.

  5. Round 2 Registration: If there is availability, a second round of signups will be opened.

  6. Music (and other) Conflicts (Grades 2-6): Please check with our Music Department (and other school activities) for potential schedule conflicts.

  7. Multiple Students: If you have multiple students, please log in separately for each student

  8. Waitlist: There will be a waitlist. We will do our best to accommodate requests. 

  9. Minimum Class Sizes: If a course does not meet minimum enrollment requirements, the course may be cancelled for this trimester.

  10. Nominal Registration Fee: Each Beyond School course is tuition-inclusive, and there is a nominal registration fee for each course. The fee is $20 for each class. (Note: 5th grade ISEE classes require parent purchase of the book(s)).

  11. Absences/Tardies: Students may be dropped from the class if they are late/absent more than twice

  12. Questions/Emails about Registration: During the registration window, we hope to provide email responses to registration queries within 24-48 business hours of email receipt. Please use or for any questions or concerns.