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Sister Schools

Learn About Our Two Sister Schools
St. James' in Haiti and The Munui School in Korea.

"We all work toward awareness of our responsibilities to our larger communities." –St. James' Core Belief
A St. James' education fosters a global outlook as it encourages students to relate to the world by asking that they see themselves as part of the human family, without regard to race, religion, or ethnicity.

"We strive to develop an informed, hopeful view of our roles in the world." –St. James' Core Belief
St. James' daily curriculum is infused with cross-cultural learning opportunities. Through instruction in social studies and Spanish language and culture; participation in the annual Around-the-World Festival; exposure to the diverse musicians, authors, and performers that are brought to our campus; and daily interaction with our incredibly diverse population of students and faculty, we are all presented with opportunities to learn and to grow. The highlight of the global outreach curriculum is the 5th grade global health class, which encourages students to explore health problems, issues, and concerns that transcend national boundaries and to make the connections among their lives, their health, and global health.

"We are mindful of the global and ethical implications of what we do." –St. James' Core Belief
We are fortunate to have a meaningful global connection extending to Haiti and South Korea. We are committed to maintaining our connections with our sister schools through joint projects, faculty and student visits, and continuing education on their needs and appropriate, long-term solutions.