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St. James' Beyond School

In January 2019, former Head of School ,Peter Reinke, introduced a one-of-the-kind, tuition inclusive program. The Beyond School! program, was gradually rolled out in spring 2019 and was fully established in fall 2019. 
Beyond School! is an afternoon program that provides students the opportunities to accrue more math and science skills, become versatile in written and verbal communication, hone, expand and foster their imaginations through visual and performing arts offerings and reflect and dialogue on what it means to be a global citizen in 2020 and beyond, through exposure to a variety of world languages and through building and writing for a school newspaper.
Beyond School! will continue to provide unique opportunities to St. James’ students allowing them to continue their academic fortitude in the classroom and beyond. 

Beyond School classes have included Cardio Dance Grooves, Math Study Skills, ISEE Prep with Social Justice Topics, Book Club Buddies, Via Los Angeles!: Conversational Spanish while Discovering L.A., Me and My Feelings, The Art of Altered Book Making, Kommercial Kids, Let’s Tell Stories, etc.