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We have partnered with Magnus Health to collect, store, and manage all your child’s health information in one location, per California state law. Ultimately, this online solution helps us save time by streamlining communication with parents and keeps us prepared in the event of an emergency. With Magnus Health, we can provide more efficient and consistent health care services to your child.

Online & Mobile Form Submission for Parents

  • Quickly submit all student health records online or by uploading an image of a form from any mobile device. Parents also have the ability to electronically sign documents that do not require a physician’s signature. You can re-submit them and skip having to download, print, sign, scan and resend a document.

Auto-Reminders Keep Parents Ahead

  • With automated email reminders, parents are notified of approaching deadlines and incomplete forms. Instead of tracking down missing records, the School Nurse can make student health a priority.

Daily care during the school year

  • Submitted information is easily updated during the course of the year, ensuring the school is informed of current health needs and can make the best decisions when caring for your child. Information includes a complete health history, emergency contacts, allergies, medications, conditions, and more. Important forms may include permissions, action plans, consent to treat, etc.

  • All prescription medicine, regardless of quantity or duration, must be dispensed by the school nurse. If your child has any prescriptions, please ask the School Nurse for assistance with completing the online Prescription Form in Magnus Health.

Parents will receive a personalized email with directions to access their child’s online Magnus Health account. Forms that need to be signed by a physician will be available for download from your Magnus Health account. All forms for September 2019 will be due by Friday, June 28, 2019.

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