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At St. James' we hope to inspire and nurture our students to become people who think critically and act compassionately.

Above all else,  we hope to inspire in children a curiosity and a yearning to learn every day. We maintain high academic standards and recognize the many different ways children learn. Our classrooms at St. James' are joyful, rigorous, and creative, and instruction is based on using what we know to be best practices for young children. Teachers use whole-class instruction, small-group lessons, and individual instruction – depending on content and the understanding of the subject matter at hand. Additionally, our curriculum describes the many ways we encourage children to be the best they can be and how we integrate subjects in meaningful ways. We foster in children a sense of individuality and simultaneously help them learn to be a part of a larger community, too.

But truly at the heart of our program is the wonderfully warm and caring relationship that teachers and students form with each other. Our teachers set high standards for themselves and their students, yet maintain a safe environment enabling children to feel comfortable in learning from their mistakes. In each classroom, we strive to build self-confident, self-reliant, and self-disciplined students.