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 Elementary Curriculum

The curriculum is comprised of language arts – which includes specific study in reading, vocabulary, spelling, and English – social studies and mathematics. Adding to the rigor and the breadth of a St. James' education are our specialty classes, which include science, visual art, technology, library and media studies, music, physical education and health, religion, and Spanish.

Technology integration contributes to the success of our academic program, and we use tools like Walltalkers™, interactive projectors, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers to bring greater access to information and to assist students in organizing, creating, and presenting what they have learned in a variety of formats.

Equally important in the St. James' experience is creating an environment where our students are encouraged to value community service, cultural diversity, ethics, and strong moral values. Further, we nurture our students' spiritual development through weekly chapel services and religion classes that focus on building a personal relationship with God and respecting and learning about how others in our community and around the world do the same.

At St. James' our curriculum strives to strike a balance between hard work, fun, caring for others, and global awareness. We acknowledge learning as a lifelong process, and we believe that our program will prepare our students to make significant contributions to creating a very bright future for our communities.

K-6 Robotics Program

St. James' recently launched our K-6 STEAM robotics program! St. James' is the only school that has developed a 1:1 STEAM robotics program in which every K-6 student will have the opportunity to have hands-on learning with a dedicated STEAM robotics kit specially selected for their grade level. Equipment choices have been deliberately structured for each grade level to create a series of STEAM experiences where students engage in impactful and long-lasting inquiry-based projects. The school has dedicated $75,000 in this effort to bring hands-on inventing and innovation with STEAM concepts to St James'. We are also excited by the opportunity for this program to enhance our students' St James' at Home experience, and will be sending kits for students to use at home until we resume in-person learning. Take a look at the video below for a sneak peek at what is coming.

Robotics Kits For Every Elementary School Student!