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Service Learning

At St. James’, students learn that taking care of each other and our environment is an essential, meaningful, and beautiful part of life.

The Service Learning program at St. James’ creates compassionate citizens who actively seek out ways to serve their community. With varying activities across all grade levels, starting in preschool, each student has the opportunity to explore and experience taking part in resolving social and environmental issues. Through their experience of service learning, our students develop a sense of consideration and caring that illuminates our school-wide commitment to our mission of respecting all of God’s creation. We believe that the resolute devotion to community outreach and service learning, cultivated in childhood, and combined with a deepening acknowledgment of our responsibility to care for each other, will inspire the graduates of St. James’ Episcopal School to serve others all the days of their lives.

St. James' Leadership Program

At St. James’, students get a head start on honing leadership skills. Students are guided and then guide themselves, in taking on real-world challenges, bringing a developed sense of purpose and conscientiousness to their work. 

The St. James' Student Leadership Program is designed to develop innovative leaders of the future. Open to elementary students in 4th-6th Grades, the leadership program gives children opportunities to lead school and community service projects. Along the way, student leaders develop critical thinking skills, use real-world problem-solving strategies, partake in public speaking opportunities, and become familiar with new technologies.

Student leaders participate in team-building activities and leadership-skills workshops, covering topics such as public speaking, entrepreneurship, and conflict resolution. Based on needs within the community that student leaders identify and research, the children create and implement a student-led service project. At the end of the year, student leaders reflect on their hard work and gear up for the Leadership Showcase.

St. James’ Servant Leadership Institute

Established in 2019 by Head of School Peter Reinke, the St. James’ Servant Leadership Institute offers St. James’ students the opportunity to hear from, and meet with, those individuals who truly embody a life lived with compassion for and in support of others. These individuals offer the students the opportunity to see first-hand how a life lived with dedication to others can be fulfilling, rewarding and successful.

The St. James’ Servant Leadership Institute exemplifies the school’s mission to instill intellectual curiosity, compassion for others, and respect for all of God’s creation in our students. Showcasing individuals who live a life rooted in these values as adults in the world allows our students to better understand and grasp the importance of living a life of service to others. 

For more information about the Servant Leadership Institute and the guests who have spoken to St. James’ students, please click here.