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The Every Child Fund

100% Participation: Let's do it again!

For the last five years, every single teacher, every single staff member, every single School Board member, and every single family came together and, in a loud voice, proclaimed:

  • We believe in our kids and in their education.
  • Together, we are St. James' – a diverse, joyful, and inclusive community of learners.
  • Together, we will continue to create amazing opportunities for every child at St. James'.
  • And together, we will remain committed to making our community as great as it can be.

Help us reach that 100% participation mark again! Make a gift to The Every Child Fund.

The Tuition Gap

Did you know that tuition only covers about 80% of a St. James' education? The remaining 20% – the Tuition Gap – is filled in part by annual giving to The Every Child Fund.

Contributions to this annual fund have a positive impact on all aspects of life at St. James', including:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Academic and extracurricular program support and development
  • Before and after school care
  • Faculty salaries, employee benefits, and professional development opportunities
  • Campus security
  • Facilities enhancement


Participating in The Every Child Fund

Each gift, no matter the amount, touches the lives of our students, and we encourage every family to make a gift in any amount that is appropriate to their circumstances to benefit every child at St. James'.

"100% in 50 Days" countdown for The Every Child Fund starts in the fall, in honor of our 50th Anniversary. You can make a gift or make a pledge. Pledges can be paid in one or multiple installments as long as they are completed by June 30, 2019.

To gain possible tax benefits during the current tax year, donations should be made prior to December 31.

Levels of Support

  • Founders' Circle
    $100,000 and above
  • Saints' Circle
    $50,000 and above
  • Angels' Circle
    $25,000 and above
  • Head's Circle
    $15,000 and above
  • Scholars' Circle
    $10,000 and above
  • Leadership Circle
    $5,000 and above
  • Challengers' Club
    $3,000 and above
  • St. James' Club
    $1,000 and above
  • Husky Club

Thank you to those who donated in 2017-2018!


Chris and Simone Adams  

Kaleo and Stephanie Adams  

James Adler and Alisa Wiegers

David & Paula Agnew

Jung Ahn and Yun Song

Eric Andersen and Jeet Sohal

Brandy and Gary Anderson  

Sally Aristei and Jennifer Hartman

Michael Armbruster and Andrew Chi

Jeffrey Armour and Michelle Banks-Armour

Michael and Shery Bacon

Chul Bae and Joolie Kim

Chapman Baehler and Angelica Cob-Baehler

Cathene and Tyrone Baker

Jon and Margaret Barnwell  

Alison and Alexander Barry

Alan Bernstein  

Aliya and Rodolphus Bethea  

Thomas Bessant and Anne McIntyre

Chad and Yoojin Biggins  

Fiona and David Blankenship  

Matthew Bobb and Poonam Kumar

William Boddie & Jorjee Douglass

David Bommarito and Margaret Lee

Kevin and Belinda Brent  

Gary and Brenda Brown  

Lisa Cargill

Laura Carrillo and Patricia Velasquez

Victoria and Charles Carrington  

Kevin and Amber Carson

Sekou Carter and Sharon Wormley-Carter

Chris and Lindsay Casamassima

Paul and Iris Chae

Heeseung Chang and Tae Hyun Kim

Sonny and Young-Min Chang  

Caroline and Perrin Chiles  

Richard Chisholm and Lois Perrin

Christine and Michael Cho  

Jin Hwan Cho and Tae Yeon Kim

Alex Choi and Ellen Park

Eric and Sun Mi Choi

Jaeho Choi and Eun kyung Joung

Jae and Mikyeong Chung

Steve and Julianne Chung

Christopher Church and Christina Goins

John Hoffman & Jennifer Culp

Matthew Cohen and Caitlin Durham

Leslie Cohen   

Gabriel Colwell and Stacie Yee

Michael Converse and Kathryn Price-Converse

James Cossman and Denise Gocke

Derek Cotton and Molly Moen

Rob and Karen Cowan  

Ciji Davis

Luke Del Tredici and Teresa Keith

Kraig and Monica DePriest  

Andrew and Lenore Douglas  

Gary and Serena Duff  

Allan Edmiston and Jennifer Lin

Tremaine Ellis

Theane Evangelis and James Kousoulas

Joseph and Michelle Farnham

James Fauntleroy and Loranda Paul

Edgar and Helen Fincher  

Marketha and Gerald Floyd  

Maverick Franks and Tonikiaa Orange

Anthony and Frances Gatti

Martin and Carmina Glicklich

David and Marina Goyer  

Joanne Gratiot   

Eric Green and Sarah Noonan Green

Kenneth & Mimi Griswold

Mark Grotjahn and Jennifer Guidi

Michael Gunn and Aimee Fox

Peter and Jungmin Ha  

Nancy and Patrick Hagan  

Elisha and Jason Hall  

Suzanne and Jeff Hahn  

Gloria and Kevin Hann

Aaron Hartman and Jeannine Balfour

Gerald Hawkins and Tiffany Baker

Evan and Jocelyn Hayes  

Steve and Nami Her  

John Hesling and Simona Rosset

Spencer Hong and Sandra Lee

William Hooke and Kristin Bountress-Hooke

Michael & Courtney Howells

George and Karen Hur

Taos Huskey and Janet Shim

James Hwang and Rosa Na

Martin and Zoya Hynes

Jae Hyun and Helen Park

Joo Hyung and Su Young

James Jacks and Helen Breitwieser  

Rickman Jackson and Nadine Medley-Jackson

Chris & Margaret Jacquemin

Thananchai Jirasupakorn and Jutatip Rodmorn

Carlyn Johnson

Sae Jung and Jong Suk Lee

Zachariah Kahn and Daisy Lee

Chad Kalebic and Carrie Gormley-Kalebic

Chrissy and Jason Kim  

Danny and Lisa Kim  

David and Jennifer Kim

Eun Jung Kim

Hansin Kim and Jihyun Hong

James Kim and Sarah Suh

Jennifer and Mark Kim  

Justin and Julia Kim

Kevin and Alexandra Kim  

Myoung Kim and Yo Chan

Robert and Joanne Kim  

Tae Hwan Kim and Ji Eun Choi

Seung Kong and Kyung Lee  

Juliet and Eric Kwon  

John LaBombard and Elizabeth Fain-LaBombard

Eric and Katy Ladin

Diana Larkin

Benjamin and Hye Won Lee

Calvin and Esther Lee  

Nicole and Clint Lee  

David Lee and Lisa Yang

Dongjin Lee and Kyong Kang

Jae Chun Lee and Young Hong

James Lee and Yumie Song

Ji Hae Lee and Jeong

Jonathan Lee

Kenneth and Catherine Lee

Kyung and Kyung Su Lee

Lloyd Lee and Sarah Jeong   

Richard Lee and Chan Yu

Taewook Lee and Soyeon Jun

Tess and Jonathan Lee  

Kevin and Astrid Lew  

Hyacinth Leus and Sa'id Vakili

Robert Levine and Tom Davidson

Crispin & Jules Leyser

Eric Li and Mamata Chithriki

Glen and Clara Lim

Gregory Lindy and Cindy Ann Bader Lindy

Brad and Kari Listi

Gabriel and Cecilia Lopez

Najah and Cliff Lowe

Amber and Bryan Madole  

Margarita and Walter Manzke  

Anthony Maranville and Shana Stein

Richard Marin and Ilene Rosenweig

Bret and Clara Martin  

Rich Mayrend   

Edward McCaffery   

Tracy and Michelle McCormick  

David McDonough and Ruth Sommers

Geoff McFetridge and Sarah DeVincentis

Brian and Cindy McEvoy  

JR McGinnis and Jim Bain

Carter McJunkin and Anne Wang

William and Heidi McLean  

Gavin McNeill and Felicia la Tour

Challen and Aaron McPherson

Matthew and Carina Miller  

Gavin Milner & Anna Roth

Alexander Miric and Nina Lightdale-Miric

Kevin Monaghan & Javier Machado

Kevin and April Monroe

Michael Moon and Judy Oh

Aaron Moore and Hannah Cannom Moore

Casey and Sean Morris  

Roger and Lisa Morrison

Nicholas Morton and Marie Schley

Christopher Murphey and Mary Shaifer

Matthew & Kathleen Murray

Christopher Murphey and Mary Shaifer

Ira Napoliello and Jenna Stein

Josh Neuman and Talita Choudhury  

Tom Nguyen and Tommy Pham

Jennifer and Casey O'Brien  

Fabrice Odero and Hee Ko

Victor Oseguera and Annelyne Coronado

Chan and Rachel Park  

David and Jina Park  

Hyoung Tae and Lois Park

Hyung Park and Min Kim

Kenny and Jenipher Park  

SangDo Park and Sera Moon

Sam Park and Yunjin Kim

Hyung Park & Sanghee Ko

Jignesh and Rina Patel  

Apurba Pathak and Christina Kim

Prentice and Tasha Penny

Byron and Jeanine Phillips

Eric & Angela Portegies  

Felicia Price

Keith and Erika Quinn

Brian and Diana Ra Lee

Brian Reitzell and Stephanie Hayman

Cristine and Gregory Reynaert  

Claudia and Matthew Rips  

Edward Rhyu and Jahwon Lee

David and Gina Riberi

Don Rice and Christine DeMaio

Kiwoong Roh and Eunyoung Yoo

James and Kim Rolfe

John Roman   

Samuel Roseme and Catherine Mann

Jeffrey Rutherford and Dorothy Kim

Anthony and Ann Russo

Jin and Hyun Ju Ryee  

David Saevitz and Amanda Reno

Jason and Valerie Seitz

Stefan Simchowitz and Rosmarie Riedl

Jung Min Son and Sun Jung Lee

Reza Safai and Hollace Starr

Michele and Michael Sanchez  

Edward Sanders and Effie Turnbull

Kent and Amy Savagian  

Steven and Jung Ha Schoenholz

Christopher Schreib and Tiffany Joseph

Trista Schroeder   

Beth Seaman   

Gary Shaffer   

Greer Shephard   

Sanjay Sharma and Tina Lynam

Stephen Shiao and Erica Wang  

Peising and Ellie Sichaleune  

Barry Smith and Anita Hayden-Smith

Chris and Kara Smith  

Charmaine and Hubert Smith  

Sean Smith   

Danny and Seung Shin Song

William Shin and Tiffany Kim

Nero and Ariana Smeraldo

Curtis Spears and Aeysha Carr  

Stanley and Ruth Stalford

Cathleen and Eric Stern

Syrinthia and Stefan Studer

Dawn Suggs

Mark Suveg and Dena Green  

Thomas Swan   

Harold and Damali Thomas  

Guy Toley and Claire Pettibone

John Tumlin   

Leslie and Patrick Walling  

Alex and Eric Weinberger  

Peter and Sheri Weller

Tasha Welton and Amilcar Welton

Aaron White and Stacey Harman-White

Patrick and Stephanie White  

James and Lindsay Wilcox  

Tim and Heather Williams

Jonas Wood and Shio Kusaka

Brett and Ashlie Woods  

Scott and Kelly Yang

Casey Yoon and Kianna Cho  

Jay Yoon and Julie Kim

Tim and Jessica Youd  

Elizabeth and Courtland Young  

Peter Yu and Nicole Kim

Chan Ho Yun and Julia Lee

Kayci and Paul Yun

Dennis and Julia Zhang