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What is PartyBook?
St. James’ Episcopal School enjoys a strong sense of community and our families enjoy socializing and participating in activities together through PartyBooks. 

PartyBook is a series of parent produced events that take place throughout the school year. It is a great way to meet other families, learn a new skill or enjoy a memorable outing with your children while also supporting strategic initiatives and programming at our school.

Last year, new PartyBook co-chairs, Beth Sanford and Daisy Lee, outdid themselves with a large portfolio of events including Gingerbread House Decorating, Thanksgiving Wreath Making, Santa Photo Party, Cinco de Mayo, Bingo and Poker Night. Heartfelt thanks to all of our hosts who made these wonderful celebrations possible.


Cinco de Mayo - Hosted by the Wolf Family

Gingerbread House Decorating - Hosted by the Pathak Family

Bingo - Hosted by Jennifer Culp, Ja-Hong Kim, Rosalind Lawton, Clara Lim, Katie Murray

Thanksgiving Wreath Making - Hosted by EJ Shin & Young Hong

Santa Photo Party - Hosted by the Hymers, Lim, & Roh Families

Poker Night - Hosted by Augustine Chung, Crispin & Jules Leyser, Matt Murray