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Special Events

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s proceeds will go to support Beyond School. Beyond School is a one-of-a-kind program. St. James' is the only independent school in southern California that provides a tuition-inclusive enrichment program. As you may know, over 170 of our students take classes through Beyond School, ranging from podcasting to Latin to ISEE prep -- all of it as part of the St. James' base tuition! 
Beyond School is not funded through the budget -- it is made possible through the school's philanthropy efforts, particularly the annual gala. Last year, the gala provided almost $140,000 in funding to support Beyond School, enough to fund the program for a full year. We look forward to continued success with this year's event.


Dear Families,

We were honored to celebrate together at our recent Virtual Gala. What a joy to gather with so many of our parents, board of trustees, staffulty and friends via Zoom. Thank you for a fun-filled evening at home, and also for your generosity in sponsoring the event, donating auction items and participating in the community that is St. James'!

We are proud to share with you that the Spring Event this year raised over $130,000 to support our Beyond School! program and incorporate exciting updates to our entire school program next year. 
We could not have done it without the commitment and support we receive from our exceptional school community year after year.

Our Creative, Dedicated and Hardworking Spring Event Committee Members:
Caroline Chiles
Lenore Douglas
Yolanda Felton
Jennifer Lin
Teresa Keith
Jules Leyser
Jina Park

Our Event Emcee's
Ike Barinholtz & Sally Pressman

Our Sponsors:
Jake Ahn & Katie Song
Rich Chisholm & Lois Perrin
Louis & Raina Chung
Steve & Julianne Chung
Matthew Hanna & Esther Chang
Teresa Keith & Luke del Tredici
James Jacks & Helen Breitwieser
Danny Kang & Yoonha Choi
Danny & Lisa Kim
Brian Lee & Diana Ra-Lee
Walter & Marge Manzke
Hana Jeong & Harry Martin
Moon Young Kim & Jin Oh
Su Young & Joo Hyung Park
Jong & Soo Ji Park
Greer Shephard
Ej Shin and Tae Hyun Shin
St. James’ Parent Association

Our Donors
Stephanie & Kaleo Adams
David & Paula Agnew
Michael Armbruster & Andrew Chi
Frances & Kyle Armantrout
Meehee Beck & Ji Li
Ike Barinholtz & Erica Hanson
Brooke Benjamin
Emily Berger & Franklin Hess
Margaret Lee & Dabid Bommarito
Aeysha Carr & Curtis Spears
Katie & Will Chang
David & Michelle Cheng
Caroline & Perrin Chiles
Talita Choudhury & Josh Neuman
Augustine & Jae Chung
Derek Moen & Molly Cotton
Ciji Davis
Christine DeMaio
Devon & Matt Dentler
Lenore Thomas Douglas & Andrew Douglas
Jennifer Lin & Walter Edmiston
Samie & Justin Falvey
Yolanda & Brandon Felton
Paul Felton
Natalie Fousekis
Marina & David Goyer
JoAnn Gratiot
Elizabeth Yarborough & Peter Hagist
Nami & Steve Her
Tricia & Richard Hoffman
Celina & Young Hong
Georgia & Louis Howe 
Charlotte Huang & Andrew Simon
Ross Jacobson
Carlyn Johnson
Nan & Victor Joseph 
Raushda & John Kennedy
Ja-Hong Kim & Marc Levy
James Kim & Sarah Suh
Luna Kim & Sam Ulin
Christina Kim & Apurba Pathak
Jenny O'Brian & Ryan Koh
Liz Lawson & Reed Kowit
Nekesha & Kenley Kyle
Eric & Katy Ladin
Marcie Lau & Matthew Ulin
Rosalind Lawton & Thomas Zadra
Sandra Lee & Spencer Hong
Jae Chun Lee & Young Hong
Chrispin & Jules Leyser
Marina Goyer
Cecilia & Gabriel Lopez
Melissa Loy & Mike Margolin
August Martin & Ryan Mahlum
Bret & Clara Martin
Hilary Marx & Nicholas Leeds
Michelle & Tracy McCormick
Steve & Heidi McLean
Anna & Gavin Milner 
Alex & Nina Miric
Kathleen & Matthew Murray 
Lauren Nukes & Justin Hopfer
Sarah & John O'Brien
Hee Ko & Fabrice Odero
Jina & David Park
Lois Park & Hyoung Tae
Rachel Park
Su Young Park
Joo Huung Park
Loranda Paul
Annie Phrommayon & Steven Petitfor
Sally Pressman & David Rogers
Katharine & Ben Proctor 
Alexis Raben & Miguel Sapochnik
John Roman
Beth Sanford
Effie Turnbull & Edward Sanders
Janet & Steven Schoenholz
Erica Wang & Stephen Shiao
Erica & David Slade
Charmaine & Hubert Smith 
Chris & Kara Smith 
Cathleen & Eric Stern
Dolores Burton & Philip Steuer
Hollace Starr
Benjamin Van der Veen
Ashlie & Brett Woods
Chloe & Nelson You
Jessica & Tim Youd

Thank you. We are so grateful for your support!