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What is The Every Child Fund? 

Did you know that tuition only covers about 80% of a St. James' education? The remaining 20% is filled in part by annual giving to The Every Child Fund. Contributions to this fund have a positive and immediate impact on all aspects of life at St. James', including:

  • Supports greater socioeconomic diversity at St. James’ - Our Tuition Assistance program financially supports 20% of our families.
  • Increasing our faculty size so that our student to teacher ratio is 5:1 for Dolphins and Butterflies, 7:1 for KRP and Kindergarten and 11:1 for the rest of the elementary school.
  • Difference between Tuition Revenue and Operating Budget - only 80% of costs covered by Tuition.
  • Enhancement of school campus, including new field, blacktop, kiln, landscaping, etc. 
  • The ECF funds our ability to send fourth, fifth and sixth grade students on field trips to Sacramento, Astronaut Camp, and Washington DC, respectively.


Participating in The Every Child Fund

Each gift, no matter the amount, touches the lives of our students, and we encourage every family to make a gift in any amount that is appropriate to their circumstances to benefit every child at St. James'.

You may make a gift or make a pledge to The Fund. Pledges can be paid in one, or multiple installments, until June 30, 2023. To gain possible tax benefits during the current tax year, donations should be made prior to December 31.

Graphic-Costs of the 20% that the school's annual ECF campaign covers.


Levels of Support

Club Husky
$1 - $749

D'Amico Society
$750 - $1,967

The 1968 Association

Seashell Society

Philanthropic Council

Head's Circle
$25,000 - $49,999

Angel Wings