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Author Visit by Lisa McMann (UNWANTEDS series) on November 5

McMann-headshot.pngOn Thursday, November 5, 3rd–6th grade students will hear from Lisa McMann, the New York Times' Bestselling author of the extremely popular series The Unwanteds, which tells the story of the land of Quill, where thirteen-year-olds are sorted into categories: the strong, intelligent Wanteds go to university, and the artistic Unwanteds are sent to their graves.

About Lisa McMann

Lisa McMann lives and writes in Phoenix, Arizona. She’s happily married to her husband Matt and has two awesome kids, Kilian and Kennedy. She’s a native of Holland, Michigan and lived there from her birth on February 27, 1968, until 2004. She then moved to Arizona, where she can admire the desert and the scary mountain lion her daughter spotted in the backyard one time. Lisa likes to unwind by watching HGTV or any cooking show ever. She shares her writing space with two obnoxious yet well-loved cats, and wakes up at 5:30 a.m. so she can climb the mountain in the back of her neighborhood before it gets too hot outside. Finally, Lisa would like you to know that she enjoys Mexican food of any variety as well as pistachios, avocados, and bacon.

This author visit event hosted by the Library Media Center will take place in St. James' Hall on Thursday, November 5, from 1:30–2:15 p.m. Please contact Christina Olague, Library Media Center Specialist, with questions.