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Now that Halloween's sugar highs are beginning to abate and the last kernel of candy corn has melted away in your mouth, we thought you might like to hear more about what sugar actually does to the body when it's consumed and what sweet alternatives the world may hold for you and yours.

If you're interested, you can sign up for informational emails from now until November 21, courtesy of our own Dr. Amy Savagian, mom of three great St. James’ kids, past and present.

She's challenged me to participate in the No Sugar November awareness campaign, a movement which at the moment sounds like a really viable survival strategy. I honestly believe that if I see one more peanut butter cup, I may turn into one. So, I will be reading every one of Amy's November articles myself, and I hope you'll join me, as well.

Together, perhaps, we can practice the dying art of restraint and learn a little something in the process. Strictly optional, but highly recommended.

With love,

Deborah David
Head of School