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Another New Year Begins!

It was a scorcher of a few days, with pavement hot enough to melt our sneakers, but the children managed to radiate only joy. What an extraordinary first week of school it was!

The teachers outdid themselves, their lessons designed with the skill of the gifted architects of learning that they truly are. And the children were adorable. From Connor's fresh-faced enthusiasm for Kindergarten to Amaya's new-found maturity; from the "Cass boys' " exuberant good cheer as they introduced themselves to their new classmates, to the 6th graders' respectful dialogue as they crafted a definition of religion; from the baby of the Kim family to the fourth of the Wilcox family's arrival on was a week to remember.

We were amazed by Alonzo's uncanny ability to facilitate a group discussion, by Ava's awesome enthusiasm for everything, and by Stephen's soaring intellectual insights. Harry's finally here with us where he belongs, as is Alden, whose grandmother in Massachusetts was so moved by her acceptance to St. James' that she wrote us a letter of thanks. And little Iris transferred here this year because her never-to-be-forgotten brother Lyon told her we're simply "the best." Jada, who threw herself into my arms five years ago to announce, "I'm NEW here," is turning ten this year, no longer new or even very little.

We are 372 strong this year; 372 glorious, bright, curious, children with grit and grace and future glory written all over them now fill the halls with their laughter and zest for life.

So many St. James' first days of school to remember! But none could ever be more beautiful, or better organized, more heartfelt, or homey, or happy than this one. Every beautiful smile and sweet hug, every cheery wave from the car at drop-off, and every email of support has made our work so deeply gratifying. I can't thank you enough for being the amazing, awesome, incomparably loving St. James' family that you are.

Thank you for the best first week of school...ever.