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Arts-in-Motion: Mime over Matter on Wednesday, October 14

On Wednesday, October 14, in St. James' Hall, Kindergarten through 3rd grade students enjoyed the first Arts-in-Motion assembly of the school year. The Chameleons, a husband-and-wife physical theater duo who have been performing together for 30 years, presented Mime Over Matter, a spellbinding collection of short mime plays.

This program has been enthusiastically received by hundreds of young audiences all over the world. Included are such favorites as "Life Cycle," "Margaret & Fred," "Umbrellas," "The Crazy Circus," "The Escalator," and lots of audience participation!

About the Chameleons

The immensely talented Keith Berger and Sharon Diskin have performed as a mime theater duo since 1985, delighting a wide range of concert audiences in North America and Europe. Gifted teachers, as well as performers, Berger and Diskin have taught workshops and master classes and physical theater and mime throughout the United States, including Cornell University, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Disney Animation Studios, and at hundreds of elementary schools throughout Southern California.

In 2004, the Chameleons were honored with the 2004 Professional Artists in the Schools Award by the California Arts Council, the California Department of Education, and the California Alliance for Arts Education.

About Arts-in-Motion

The St. James' Arts-in-Motion Program – a collaborative effort among parents, teachers, and administrators – strives to bring the vibrant Los Angeles arts world to the St. James' community. The arts are part of our city in a very significant way, and this program gives our students meaningful access to see, experience, and participate in various art forms. Students learn about theater, art history, music, dance, storytelling, creativity, and expression.

Arts-in-Motion also aims to provide a forum for children to express themselves creatively and to build the confidence that comes from finding one's creative voice.