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Important Message From The Head of School

Family News Flash!!


On Friday morning when the preschool teachers arrived for their Parent-Teacher Conferences, they discovered that St. James’ Preschool had been under water for several hours as the result of a hot water heater’s untimely demise.  Although the water was clear and warm, an amazing amount of damage had already occurred.  


Like you, our top priority is health and safety; and we all recognize that we need to avoid any possibility of mold developing.  And as a result, the floors and walls of the preschool will have to undergo a protracted process of demolition, extraction and drying.  That phase will be following by rebuilding our floors and walls.  And it is not an overnight undertaking.  As you may have already suspected, that means we have moved the entire preschool elsewhere so the children’s educations can continue unimpeded.  Tomorrow 60 little ones from the preschool will join the family of the “big school,” occupying the current Kindergarten rooms while our Kindergarteners graciously make their move to “classrooms” in St. James’ Hall.


Everyone at St. James’ has pitched in to solve the multiple challenges this situation has created and I’m proud to say we have resolved every problem with admirable collaboration and even an occasional flash of humor.  I have seldom seen a team work so hard or so relentlessly to solve a problem of this magnitude. The administrative team has been creative and dedicated in generating ideas, even coming in to help the preschool faculty run the scheduled Kindergarten assessment program on Saturday …because life goes on, no matter what.  But it is the maintenance team, and most of all, our heroic preschool director Pat Joseph Thomas and her teachers who truly deserve your heartiest congratulations and kudos.


We have staggered drop off and pick up for the preschoolers, so traffic should flow well on St. Andrews Place.  Please help us make our little preschoolers feel welcome at the big school Tuesday morning and throughout their stay with us.  We have made every effort this weekend to make their “new digs” feel cozy and comfortable.  Now all they need is a truckload of hugs and the warmth of your smiles.   See you all tomorrow for the start of our great adventure!  And keep us in your prayers.


Cheerfully, optimistically, and trustingly,

Debbi David and the St. James’ Team