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More Than Just a New Look!

Because nothing says cutting-edge like a reference to a 16-year-old film starring Keanu Reeves.
Because nothing says cutting-edge like a reference to a 16-year-old film starring Keanu Reeves.

The 2015–2016 academic year is only days from starting, and in celebration of the new year, we are unveiling the new look of We hope you like the reworked color scheme (the subject of much debate!), the cleaner and simpler interface, and the abundance of photos (with more on the way). But this was no mere face lift. We've rebuilt from the ground up. And as part of our integration with a new student information system and online portal (more on that later), we've packed some serious horsepower under the hood.

We'll be rolling out new capabilities throughout the fall, highlighting a feature or two in each Husky Hits, but for now, we want you to know that this site is 100% responsive. That means, whether you're on your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, or your phone, you'll get a look that fits your screen without scrolling, that has buttons big enough for your finger when needed, that doesn't break down if you're on a small screen, and that doesn't require building four versions of every page to accomplish all of this! (Am I the only one excited about that last one?)

We've been working all summer on this and PORTAL+, migrating and editing content, testing and re-testing the interfaces, uploading, downloading, compiling – the works. We're sure you're going to love it! But we're also sure there are still some bugs hanging around in the code. If you come across one – a broken link, a jumbled page, a typo (gasp!) – please send a quick note to, and we'll be in touch with the exterminators.

If, after clicking around the site, there's something you'd really like for it to do that it doesn't already, you can send your feature requests to We'll add it to the list!

And finally, if you love the new so much that you just want to gush to someone about it, please email

All the best for a fantastic last week of summer vacation!

–Michael Lavigne Jr., Communications Manager