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Husky Hits - January 18 2019

Preschool children love to greet each other at school; their school days are packed with purposeful play, exploration of learning centers and projects, and group snacks. Reading a book or singing a song never fails to bring the children together!

The most special day of the week, contrary to popular belief, isn’t Friday, but Wednesday! Why is it so special, you might ask? Because it’s dance time! When their dance teacher instructs them to sit down, wiggle their fingers, or shuffle their feet, they are following directions while unwittingly identifying the different parts of their body. They are not only exploring the world around them when engaged in play, but they are also exploring their imagination and giving life to their ideas.

Although these activities may sound like normal activities for an older child, here at St. James’ we see them as moments of active learning for our youngest learners. At our preschool, children have an opportunity to play alongside one another and learn how to work with each other to reach a common goal. Through play, our preschoolers build their curiosity, self-esteem, language, problem-solving, and cooperation skills. This prepares the children in our Kindergarten Readiness Program to succeed when they transition to Kindergarten at our K-6 campus.