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Husky Hits - June 3 2018

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It was a very busy week, resulting in 8 photo galleries. You can see all of them here!


- Diagon Alley Market Day

For the past month, Ms. Taylor's class has been using critical thinking and math skills to invent an item to sell to their peers. They then participated in "Shark Tank Junior: Harry Potter edition". Their materials have been bought, they all stayed within budget and created their items. Please join us on Thursday, June 7th, from 11:45-4:30, for Diagon Alley Market Day. Students are selling wands, Butterbeer, sweets from Honeydukes, Grow Your Own Forbidden Forest Globes, Time-Turner Necklaces, Hogwarts Housw Pillows, and so much more. Items range between $1-$12. All Muggles are all invited.



- Evacuation Information

As noted in the community letter from Debbi David (see here) we are planning an evacuation drill this coming Wednesday, June 6 at 1:30pm. We are conducting this exercise because we need to be prepared to evacuate the Preschool and K-6 campuses if necessary. If you have an appointment that afternoon and plan on picking up your student, we recommend picking up your student before 1pm. Please do not come to campus to join in this drill.

Additionally we will be doing our first remote test of our emergency notification system. All primary contacts, meaning all parents or guardians will be receiving a text and voicemail to their phone numbers attached to their accounts on PORTAL+, the message will read "This is a test of the St. James' emergency notification system. Thank you." If you do not receive this message, please update your account info or let us know. 


- Backpack Collection

Are you a student counting down the days to summer vacation? 

Getting ready to victoriously dispose of your old backpacks in celebration of a great year and in anticipation of new things in the fall? Please consider donating your used backpack to our St. James' Food ministry friends who could really use them over the summer! Look for 					</article>
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