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Husky Hits - March 26 2017

We hope you are having an enjoyable Spring Break! As a respite from the deluge of news and events this week we take a look back at our Sixth Grade Intensives, they provided us with a lovely assembly where they reported back on what they found during their time on campus, around town, and hanging from the rafters of Parish Hall!

Marco Polo

Through a series of interactive projects, readings on maps, and artworks this sixth grade group followed in the footsteps of the famous explorer Marco Polo, and learned great journeys can be had within the courtyard of St. James'


Taking full advantage of our location in Los Angeles this group went behind the scenes to learn about production, writing and post production. 


With our partners at FocusFish our sixth graders took to the sky! See a full gallery of their work here. 

Explore LA

6th grade teacher Emmy Gilliam took students around all the nooks and crannies of LA via Metro, students learned that their are gems hidden all around if they know where to look! Photos here.