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Husky Hits - November 19 2017


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- What Ever Happened to the Proposed Building Project Across the Street?


We are delighted to announce that after several cordial and productive meetings with the developer of the “Mr. Pizza” parking lot, we have reached an agreement that will result in the replacement of that parking when the construction period starts (which is not expected to commence until (at the earliest) the summer of 2018, after the end of the school year). 

 In addition, the developer was very sympathetic to and understands our expressed concerns related to traffic, school safety, and noise during the construction period, and has agreed to work with us during the construction period and thereafter to address those concerns. 

We are very grateful for the support of the Church and School community during this period, as we worked out these issues, and think that the developer has demonstrated a real interest in being a good neighbor, both during construction and thereafter. 

We will obviously alert you before the parking lot is closed to our use, and provide the new parking information then.  In addition, of course, we will continue to have access to the Housing Authority lot on Sundays for overflow parking. 


- Husky Cup Classic

Update: Save the Date for April 28! More details in the New Year!