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Husky Hits - Special Edition - October 12

Communications Manager for a Day - Lily S.


- A Special Edition of Husky Hits

On October 12th we were delighted to have a special day with a new Communications Manager - Lily S. over lunch she discussed some of her favorite things at St. James' and a few things she wouldn't mind changing.


- Her Favorites:

Events: Around the World Celebration "because you get to learn new dances, and you get to try to different food (as Lily demonstrates here). Her mom, Michele brings special smoothies for the occasion! 

Everything is really fun - but Around the World sticks out in her mind!

Class: Physical Education "Hands down, I really like sports. Next month is my birthday month and we are doing soccer - I love soccer - so I am happy." Lily plays soccer on Tudela FC as a forward or outside midfielder.  


- What Lily would change:

Ban Ketchup! Lily expressed her distaste for all types of sauces but expounded on a fantasy of throwing all the ketchup in the school from the roof of the building onto the green top - to rid St. James' of the evil ketchup.

Lily's dislike of ketchup is stronger than anything in the world and she will find a way to have her comeuppance on the condiment!

That's all. For now.