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After-School Enrichment K-6


After-School Enrichment (ASE) for Elementary Students

In addition to after-school care offered for elementary students from dismissal until 6:00 p.m., St. James' gives K-6 students the opportunity to enroll in After-School Enrichment (ASE) classes from 3:30–4:30 p.m. each day. These classes supplement the standard curriculum and focus on engaging, hands-on, interactive learning.

If you have questions about our After-School Enrichment programs, contact Jen Cefaly, After-School Enrichment Coordinator and Academic Technology Specialist.


Monday Classes

Monday classes meet 7 times in the spring session: 4/8, 4/15, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13, 5/20, 6/3.  Enrollment fee is $280.


Dungeons & Dragons 3-6

With Gaming Instructor Ian Littleworth

You control the adventures in Dungeons & Dragons class! In the interactive role playing game, students will create their own characters and then work together to defeat monsters, hunt for treasure and go on exciting quests. The limits of the game are your imagination! This class is for experienced D&D players and beginners alike.


Tuesday Classes

Tuesday classes meet 7 times in the spring session:  4/9, 4/16, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7, 5/14, 5/21. Enrollment fee is $280.


Just Dance Dance Class! K-6

With Fourth Grade Teacher Jackie Taylor

Join Ms. Taylor's dance class for fun, fun, fun! Every week we'll break a sweat by dancing to popular songs throughout history, eat a healthy snack and drink lots of water out of a special water bottle they'll get to keep. This is an active class, but no pop-n-lock dance skills are required.


Young Ninjas: Confident Eagle K-4

With Young Ninjas USA

Across cultures of all kinds, the eagle represents an unwavering spirit, who, above all, shows unbreakable confidence. To earn your purple headband, you must learn to embrace what makes you unique, and hold that with confidence, just like the eagle. Young Ninjas is a high-energy program introducing children to fundamental martial arts elements, like blocks, kicks, strikes, and the all important KI-YAH! Through skill training, fun games, creative challenges, and Pad work on foam targets, children develop self-confidence and learn to enjoy being physically active in a non-competitive setting. All classes are non-contact. Each session will include a mix of new skills, training games, and challenges, based on a new animal style. KI-YAH!


Flower Power K-6

With Nurse Basham and Profesora Flores

* Beginners welcome! This class is fun and easy for anyone who loves fresh flowers. Learn how to create and construct beautiful fresh wearable floral crowns, tiaras or headbands each week. Your one-of- a-kind creation will stand out in the crowd and reflect the true beauty of the Spring season!


Advanced Chess 2-6

With Creative Content & Communications Manager Andrew Wright

Take your chess game to the next level! You know the pieces, you know checkmate, but do you know the 3 move checkmate? En passant? The English Opening? Come learn chess with Creative Content & Communications Manager Andrew Wright, a longtime chess teacher and two-time coach of the winners of the LA Chess Champions. 

**This class is open to students in grades 2-6 who have previously completed 2 sessions of chess.**


Wednesday Classes

Wednesday classes meet 7 times in the spring session: 4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22. Enrollment fee is $280.


Improv K-4

With Instructor Ian Littleworth

Are you an avid performer who's interested in expanding your skills and pushing the boundaries of your imagination? Have you always wanted to be a performer, but been worried about learning all of those pesky lines? In Improv class, experienced students and newcomers will learn the basics of improv comedy, where every scene is created right there on the spot. Improv is great for improving creative thinking, whether you're a budding comedian, actor, singer, or you looking to brush up your public speaking skills! The final day of class will be a showcase for friends and family.


KlayKidz K-3

With Schooly Groove, Delandis McClam

Clay… Clay… and more Clay, build it the fun way in KlayKidz.  This creative class let’s your imagination flow while building fun stories around your clay sculptures.  We will explore and build critters, create fun animals, and use our imagination to create superheroes and much more! Each week, you will take home your project to share with your family along with fun memories you will never forget! If you love to build and play, KlayKidz is the way!


Robot Building Workshop 1-4

With Parker-Anderson Enrichment

Build 3 awesome robots to take home: the Insectoid Robot, the Brush Robot, and the Table Top Robot! Learn engineering principles such as gears, wheels, and axles as you design amazing robots to battle against others in becoming the Battle-Bot Champion!

Thursday Classes

Thursday classes meet 7 times in the spring session: 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23. Enrollment fee is $280.


Leggo My Legos: The Ultimate Challenge K-4

With Schooly Groove’s Delandis McClam

Put your Lego skills to the test in this creative Lego class!  If you like to build, race, and compete for points then Leggo My Legos “The Ultimate Challenge” is for you!  Students will join teams to compete in games, relays and challenging building projects. This team building Lego class creates a fun environment for each student to explore his or her ultimate fantasies.


Husky Flag Football K-6

With Lead Play Facilitator Chris Zapata

Love playing football or want to learn how to play? Join Husky Flag Football- no pads needed! In Husky Flag Football, students will learn, develop and master football plays. Students will improve throwing, catching, running with the ball, and much more through guided drills. Students will not only learn new skills, but they will also learn how to work as a team.


Pizza, Pasta, and Pies! K-6

With Kindergarten Teacher Nancy Vermette

Everyone likes pizza, pasta, and pies, right?  Well, join Mrs. Vermette in this cooking class where we will make a lip-smacking food favorite each week and enjoy eating it!   

**If your child has food allergies or any food restrictions please contact Mrs. Vermette before signing up.**


Friday Classes

Friday classes meet 7 times in the spring session:  4/12, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10, 5/17, 5/24, 5/31. Enrollment fee is $280.


The Spanish Kitchen 2-6

With Spanish Instructor Nashelli Flores

Calling all foodies!!! If you love food, cooking, and Spanish, this is the place to go! While learning and practicing more Spanish, we will learn how to make new and different dishes from Latin America and Spain. We'll taste unique dishes like Tortilla española (Spanish omelette), Cuban Medianoche sandwiches and Argentinian empanadas. Come practice speaking in Spanish while learning how to make new dishes!

Chess Club

with Parker Anderson Enrichment(K–6)

We introduce chess to students in a fun and exciting way. For all students and all levels, we teach students to play chess and help them succeed in school by stimulating their problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking. Includes exclusive booklets and worksheets. Win certificates, medals, and trophies!


Sew Fun! 3-6

with Kindergarten Teacher Nancy Vermette

Learn to sew by choosing a fun sewing project.  If you are a beginner you will learn to use a needle and thread to create a fun and easy sewing project!  Returning students may choose to learn how to use a sewing machine for your sewing project. 3rd through 6th grade boys and girls are all welcome!  We will have sewing machines at school for you to use, or you may bring your own.

(This class has a max of 5 students)


With Fifth Grade Teacher Richard Yi

Are you good at video games? Want to test your skills with other players? Come and play StarCraft with us! This 20-year-old game is the phenomenon that started it all. StarCraft is a science fiction real-time strategy game that players must work together and plan strategically to win. This will be a fun way to learn problem solving, teamwork, communication skills, creativity, visualization, math skills, and much more.

**some games contain mild animated violence**


Toy Making K-2

With Second Grade Assistant Nicole Hamilton

In this ASE students will explore a variety of mediums to create one of a kind games, toys, and stuffies. This class is aimed at looking at simple materials and turning them into something that your student will not only be proud of, but that they can play with as well. The class will culminate in the creation of an oversized custom stuffed animal. Note: if your student has taken this class before, please know that projects done during this session may be similar to those done in previous sessions.