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Student Leadership Program

Leadership skills are important at all stages of life. At St. James’, students get a head start on honing them. Students are guided, and then guide themselves, in taking on real-world challenges, bringing a developed sense of purpose and conscientiousness to their work.

DSC01538-XL.jpgThe St. James’ Student Leadership Program is designed to develop innovative leaders of the 21st century. Open to 4th-, 5th-, and 6th-graders, the leadership program gives students opportunities to lead school and local service projects and fundraising efforts. Along the way, student leaders develop critical thinking skills, use real-world problem solving strategies, partake in public speaking opportunities, and become familiar with new technologies.

The program proceeds in three phases, by trimester:

  • The first phase prepares students to take on leadership roles and projects later in the year. Student leaders participate team-building activities and leadership-skills workshops, covering topics such as public speaking, entrepreneurship, and conflict resolution.
  • The second phase involves creating and implementing a student-led service project, based on needs in the community that student leaders identify and research during Phase 1. After proposing and presenting their ideas, students move forward with their projects under their own management.
  • In the third phase, student leaders reflect on their hard work and gear up for the year-end Leadership Showcase. Event-planning skills are emphasized as students plan, design, and implement their very own showcase for all of St. James’ to enjoy.

To sign up this year fill out the Leadership Program Application and return it to your teacher by Friday, September 16.